2 comments to “Does colour matter when it comes to cat adoptions?”

  1. Jess | December 28, 2012 | Permalink

    I’ve never chosen based on coat colour alone– admittedly, the cat who happened to be looking at me across the room when I walked in (and his brother) happened to be ginger (and I have a soft spot for gingers) but every other time (and even that one: I SWEAR, if I hadn’t taken Ryan home that day, that look he was giving me would have haunted me still today), it’s been the cat who’s chosen ME.

    Could the coat colour stereotypes work in a different direction, though, too? Suppose someone meets a shelter cat who’s of a colour they previously associated with “unfriendly” and s/he turns out to be really friendly (and therefore gets chosen)?

  2. Rosemary | December 29, 2012 | Permalink

    There’s maybe a tendency to select the more unusual/prettier colours, plus it’s harder to get a really good photo of all black cats. I’ve been mulling over whether we could improve our photos by investing in a really bright light to illuminate a bench we could sit cats on while having their pics taken.

    Black or black and white cats seem to come out significantly clearer if pics are taken when they’re checked out by the vet and I think that’s because examination tables are very well lit.