9 comments to “Over and out”

  1. Adrienne | February 7, 2015 | Permalink

    You have been a magnificent advocate for the cause Shel. You can leave Saving Pets knowing that it was YOU who made a difference, YOU who alerted the public to the atrocities in our welfare system for animals and YOU who championed hundreds of issues and made a difference for the hapless pets who found themselves in our atrocious pounds.
    I enjoyed reading your blog and whilst I am disappointed that Saving Pets will be no more, I look forward to continuing our friendship.

    Well done courageous advocate!!

  2. Tarsha | February 7, 2015 | Permalink

    In 2011 when I moved from animal rescue to advocacy I found the Saving Pets blog. Your blog has been an invaluable resource, as a result the community are wiser and better informed, powerful stuff!
    “No Kill is here, and anything less is no longer going to fly.” <<<<<<< Thank you for bringing No Kill here Shel – or should I say Merci x

  3. Tegan | February 7, 2015 | Permalink

    Devo to hear that you’re not going to be blogging regularly anymore. The SavingPets blog is responsible for changing my mind, many times, and encouraging me to look for alternatives. There is a deficiency of similar Australian blogs, and this one will be missed. I hope you continue to keep the domain and past posts at least.

  4. koolie rescue | February 7, 2015 | Permalink

    You have always been an an inspiration and at the front of all the action, if I missed anything I could count on you to bring me up to speed and keep me in the loop.
    We may never meet but I recognise you as a friend.
    Keep up the good fight
    All the best

  5. Darren | February 7, 2015 | Permalink

    It’d be a disservice to your amazing work to call this a loss, as you’ve given so much through this blog.

    I’m glad you’re bringing it to a close on your terms and, even better, because you feel you’ve achieved your goal. I’d absolutely agree with you that there are so many people out there now who can carry this work on (loudly).

    But goddamn it, can you still do all them stats?

  6. nas | February 7, 2015 | Permalink

    thank you for your hard work and tirelessly advocating for the animals. I have so loved your blog and been enlightened by many things. We need more people like you Shel. xxx

  7. Jacinta | February 8, 2015 | Permalink

    We will miss you and your insight, but it’s as good a time as any to step down. Thank you for your words and your wisdom.

  8. Shelby Right | February 8, 2015 | Permalink

    Wow being involved in Rescue and advocating for particularly the Amstaff..staffy x..and bullie breeds i can totally understand you cop it from all angles, the good the bad and the ugly..and then theres the lil wins and miracles in between that keep you going against all the odds…ur an amazing inspirational person..uve been a game changer and as far as im concerned, you’ll be forever etched in the history of rescue as one person that made such a huge difference to so many lives and the way things are done moving into the future…i would like to see some form of formal recognition for this lovely lady ..i know whose name ill be putting on a nomination form for giving up their time and volunteering for a charitable cause for Australia Day honours..
    Geez uve ‘paid it forward’ that far, i hope you find every happiness this life can bring you..love peace n harmony to you xx

  9. Helen Chadwick | February 8, 2015 | Permalink

    Hi Shel, I’ve enjoyed your blog, informative, factual & to the point. I will miss your blog entries, but know you will find other ways to get your point out. Thank you gain.