5 comments to “RSPCA WA drops a dozen staff”

  1. christy | August 6, 2014 | Permalink

    Inspectorate and policing of animal welfare laws should be handed over to a consortium of rescue groups who already have their feet on the ground and working in country and city areas doing the work that the rspca is advertising they do and are doing the work of local rangers and other institutes and organisations such as RIEWA and State Housing and vets. These groups would enjoy a bit of funding from the government to “officially” be recognised and compensated.

  2. Lexe Thorpe | August 6, 2014 | Permalink

    Unbelevable you get all that funding and still can not manage while other self funded animal rescues get nothing and do a better job your a joke

  3. Stuart Harrison | August 7, 2014 | Permalink

    It would be interesting to see how much of that employee expenditure is to coal face workers and how much to management, with any historical data to compare where the actual cost growth is.

  4. Jacqi | August 8, 2014 | Permalink

    been on the decline for a few years, one must look at the two common denominators and then its easy to work out why!!
    When staff dictate to management its a no win situation for anyone!
    I do hope there is a FULL enquiry into the goings on at this organization,
    I wonder what the old employees all think ( and its a lot more than 12 I can think of eight just from the Inspectorate over the last two years!

  5. adele culverwell | August 8, 2014 | Permalink

    RSPCAWA sold out to the W.A. government in 2012. In return for $500,000.00(yearly) the “charity” contracted not to investigate commercial livestock i.e. live export, battery hens, intensive farming.

    The contract was renewed in January 2014. $1.5 million of taxpayers money to NOT do what the
    community believes and expects from a welfare organisation.

    If the Education Department has closed, this private organisation no longer complies with the terms of its Constitution and can no longer claim the status of a “Charity”.