2 comments to “Pet shops: we’ll pay welfare to clean up our fails”

  1. Katrina | January 28, 2014 | Permalink

    Um, there’s a bit of a flaw, well, several flaws, with this genius idea.

    As it stands, most microchips don’t contain details of who bred or sold individual dogs, so there’s no way that the PIAA will know that its “one of their dogs”.

    A really high proportion of dogs in pounds don’t have microchips anyway – which would suggest that they’re either not pet shop dogs (because legally they have to be micro-chipped at sale), or if they are pet shop dogs and not chipped, there’s no way to know that anyway.

    And are the myriad of pounds across Australia going to contact the PIAA for every dog they get, just in case its a PIAA dog? I honestly can’t imagine it.

    The reality is that in most pounds, puppy farm/pet shop dogs probably aren’t heavily represented in the population of unwanted dogs. And since puppy farmers breed for dogs which have lots of appeal, the chances are that any pet shop puppies who do end up in a pound have a good chance of being rehomed or rescued. Case for instance Bandit, who’d stand a really good chance of being rehomed out of a pound anyway because, you know, young and cute.

    So basically this boils down to a really elegant way for the PIAA, pet shops and puppy farmers to rehabilitate their reputation without having to fork out much in the way of cash. And if they do have to pay out for any particular animals, they can then do a whole swag “aren’t we great” marketing on the back of that, which will cost them peanuts.

    For the animal welfare organisations who participate they compromise their stand against puppy farms (big win for the PIAA) in return for a minor amount of pocket money and get to claim they are working to reduce the kill rate without actually having to do anything much and still getting to blame the irresponsible public.

    Big win for the PIAA. Let’s hope some of the organisations have the balls to refuse the cash.

  2. Jan | January 31, 2014 | Permalink

    PIAA are a member based organisation that represent the pet industry ie those that profit from misery and that includes having those that operate puppy farms as members including the largest one in Victoria. I know that RSPCA Victoria have refused to be part of the deal that PIAA proposed to many shelters across Oz as it is all about deflecting bad PR. RSPCA Vic launched the Close Puppy Factory campaign several years ago and work closely with Oscars Law to get these horrid places shut down. Supporting PIAA is supporting puppy factories.