2 comments to “Professional cat trappers rubbing their hands with delight, counting down to new cat laws”

  1. christy | June 14, 2013 | Permalink

    This is crazy…no councils are counting down to cat day. Most of them havent even started and dont want to know others are ring around getting on board rescue groups and most certainly will be trapping according to the trapping guidelines. There is only one law and that is desex and microchip within 6 months of owned cats. Where is the law that says every stray be rounded up.
    Council must hire out cat traps with the RSPCA trapping guidelines and must notify people they are trapping and advertised a cat when they trap it to see if it is owned. These are strict guidelines. Being a council does not mean you do not have to follow guidelines of animal cruelty or the law.

  2. Mark | June 16, 2013 | Permalink

    I disagree with the trapping schemes used to catch wild cats. These cats can be tamed and in many cases rehomed. They are NOT the huge problem some people might claim, and certainly should be shown some sympathy by us and not victimised just because they haven,t got homes.
    There are of course plenty of rats in the wild which might provide some food for them, not to mention being destructive to people and agriculture. It would be better to tame some of these cats and rehome them.