4 comments to “RSPCA Victoria calls for stupid laws to be scrapped”

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  2. Rosemary | February 17, 2009 | Permalink

    Are they really compelled by law to euthanase after 28 days??? If that happened over here there would be an absolutely unimaginable amount of outrage.

    Where a voluntary group has the local authority contract to take in stray dogs they usually don’t get PAID by the LA after a certain time has elapsed & it’s then up to them to fund the animal themselves but I don’t think any of us would accept a legal maximum length of time an animal could be kept alive.

  3. Kae Norman | February 18, 2009 | Permalink

    Dear Rosemary,
    Yes the 28 day rule has been in place for many years now.
    We have been told for years that animals must be killed to ‘make space’ for more strays, Animal Welfare orgs have never questioned this, as they have seen it is as ‘reasonable’.

    The general public is not aware of most rules involving how long these facilities can keep an animal and they are certainly not going to be told.

    8 days for a stray, then it can be euthanased. A surrendered dog can be euthanased within an hour if deemed unrehomeable, or the facility is full.

    28 days for rehomeable animals held in shelters. Yes these are our laws.

    Once the 28 days is up the animals are allowed into FOSTER CARE or are to be euthanased.

    Whether the facility will use foster care is up to them. They don’t have to kill the animals with all the groups ready to help at this stage, it will entirely be their choice to do so.

  4. Ellen dewar | February 18, 2009 | Permalink

    We have been waiting with open arms, experience
    in rescue and resources to care for any dog in need
    since day one of the fires. Even happy to take shelter dogs for however long is necessary to make room for fire rescues so you can do your best for the many injured creatures. But no, the RSPCA has just killed
    nearly all the pound dogs to make room. Why ?. Is it
    easier ?, is it cheaper or is it just more exciting to kill? What other reason could there be, please,
    somebody from the RSPCA just please explain
    why rescuers cant take in the dogs so you dont
    have to kill them, we can care for their needs and already sucessfully rehome many, many
    dogs. Is there
    something wrong with doing that ? Would you like evidence of this ? We can make a significant
    impact on caring and rehomeing dogs, why dont
    you let us help you. You are talking of reviewing
    your length of time in shelters from 8 days to
    longer so victims can have longer to reclaim their lost pets and
    I applaud you loudly but why not for all dogs
    to have a longer opportunity to find new owners, a second chance they so innocently
    deserve. It cant just be about money.